3D Print Canal House

"It is made of 80% of vegetable oil"


Produced by: DUS architects 


3D Print Canal is a three year research project that designed a canal house in Amsterdam from 3D printed recycled plastic or bioplastics. They developed a large 3D printed called the ‘Ultimaker’ designed to mirror the same process as a desktop 3D printer.


The XL 3D printer works in exactly the same way as the Ultimaker, the small desktop 3D printer, as it is simply an upscaled version. A digital design is placed in the ‘brain’ of the printer, a very simple computer, where it is translated into a G-code. A G-code is a file that slices a 3D model into layers. This file programs the printer to move along a path that is optimal for that design, layer by layer.  


Organised by Kate Ridgway, Paul Daramola, Roseanne Scott, Tiziana Di Ronco, Sophie James and Guiseppe Ferrigno in collaboration with Dian Small, RIBA London.

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