Team Textiles with their product We-Rope truly embraced the brief, immediately throwing themselves into the challenge, each participant simultaneously experimenting with various textile materials.


Their strength lies in the juxtaposition of the simplicity of their ethos and the wide range of its application.


They hope to continue their progress by seeking out ambitious like-minded collaborators and companies who also want to achieve a circular economy ethos and recycle textile revolution.

Video intro - Textiles 02.png


We~rope is a design collective who aims to encourage a circular economy through good design and educational outreach our proposition upcycles unwanted or unrecyclable clothing textiles into a new rope product the rope will be used on bespoke customer upcycling projects and has been designed in a into a catalog of flat pack modular furniture.


we want to prolong the life of hard to recycle clothes by repurposing them into desirable new products


In an attempt to combat unwanted textiles waste being sent to landfill the Refab Textile team have been exploring ways to reuse and repurpose fabrics into bespoke furniture.

Here you see shredded recycled textiles in a resin binder mould, another test shows a shredded recycled textile being weaved in a resin binder mould.


The challenge here is to ascertain how you provide the furniture with a sustainable supporting structure.


The team have moved on to exploring alternative methods without the use of a binder.