Team TIMBER 01 with their product WoWood has been focusing on eradicating the use and dependency of our society on harmful treated timber products, which include mdf, plywood and composite boards.


Together, the team has created a timber based acoustic panel, ideal for homes, offices and restaurants. 


Wowood is a 100% biodegradable material using wood waste and natural binders allowing them to be integrated back into nature’s material loop. 

WoWood aims to expand its portfolio, to create a biodegradable particle board and contribute to a more sustainable future within the industry.


WoWood developed an acoustic panel which is made of completely biodegradable materials which is something that is surprisingly not that common in that industry yet.


Wowood’s process collects waste wood and sawdust from workshops, joinery shops, fence production and timber. 


There's an estimated 0.4 million tons of this waste per year and many workshops struggle to dispose of this waste.


Wowood wanted to make a better use of the supply chain. So we then created a recipe.


As promised, here we start with one of our six team's work.

This week will be dedicated to🌱 Timber 01 team🌱

The team is focusing on eradicating the use and dependency of our society on harmful treated timber such as mdf, plywood and composite boards.

The focus is to create a fully compostable, affordable and UK sourced alternative.

The team is putting most of the trust in UK sourced bark - a resource that is currently being used mostly for flower bedding and mulcing or burnt- what a waste!!
Let's stop our dependency on pollutants!

Organised by Kate Ridgway, Paul Daramola, Roseanne Scott, Tiziana Di Ronco, Sophie James and Guiseppe Ferrigno in collaboration with Dian Small, RIBA London.

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