Team Timber 02 brings together architectural designers and landscape architects with an interest in timber reuse.


Together they set about to change the face of recycled and reused timber. Inspired by Japanese Yosgi boxes they have developed WOD.


Made with offcuts from construction and demolition waste WOD is a new composite timber that beautifully expresses the various timbers that make it up.


Each panel is unique and comes with a QR label showing you the journey of your product and where it was sourced.


Going forward the team is looking to develop WOD into a series of consumer products, from room dividers to lamps and beyond.

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WOD is a panel made entirely from recycling timber and our vision and our goal was to change the perception of waste and show people that it can be refined and made into a luxurious product


The current linear economy is very wasteful, construction and demolition are responsible for most timber wastes.


The construction industry

contributes 0.85 million tons of timber waste and demolition industry contributes about 1 million tonnes. 


we want to close the gap that creates waste and the flexible nature of our products allows it to cover the principal's on circular economy


Timber 02 are looking into ways of utilising the 'waste' timber from demolition sites.


Developing a catalogue of materials collected and aiming to educate designers on the appropriate re-use of this 'waste'.


Stay tuned to see how these timbers are then being transformed into a beautiful new composite.